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Grey Chair With Cushion

About Us

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Michael L. Jackson, Founder

Michael hails from the big city of Winnsboro, SC. He acquired his love for design and decor at an early age thanks to his mother and stepfather. His mother was an avid purchaser from 'Home Interior' catalogs and his stepfather was constantly building structures and other items of convenience.


From observing his parents, decorating the homes of family and friends, and with his keen eye for detail, Michael has acquired a great love for this art form that he is excited and ready to share with the rest of the world!

Why Choose Us?

Most designers share the desire to create a space for their client that will give that "new home" feel. While we share in this sentiment, we also insist on learning who our clients really are.

Understanding who our clients are enables us to better gauge how to bring not only beauty, but comfort to your home. While creating a beautiful space may be easy for some, creating a space that also feels "homey" is another story. We aspire to create for you a comfortable home that you will never want to leave!


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